Reduce your energy consumption & reduce your power bill at the same time.
Running plant at 100% during low load periods such as late night air conditioning or domestic water pumps is not only wasteful in terms of energy usage but also reduces commercial life span of the equipment that it is operating.

It is quite common to find VSD’s in building services where most electric motors are fitted to not only assist with controlling inrush current during starting but to also slow down the motor when there is low demand on the service (chilled water pumps& condenser water pumps, domestic hot & cold water circulation pumps, AHU’s, chillers & cooling towers, trade waste, storm water & sewage pumps and many more applications)
The advantages of installing a variable speed drive

  • Huge savings on energy consumption.
  • Increased life expectancy of equipment with the reduction of inrush current during start up
  • The ability to monitor motor parameters to prevent burn out when the limitations are exceeded
  • The ability to jog motors as required to prevent seizure of bearings & impellers
  • Autonomous operation of equipment whether it is from a BMS or analoge input
  • An investment in a variable speed drive will deliver a quick return on investment.
  • Can be direct coupled to the building BMS system for page out during an alarm *

Increase your green rating of the building

* subject to being compatible with the PLC & SCADA system installed.
Queensland Industrial Electrics are available to assist with breakdowns & faults on existing VSD units and are more than capable in supplying, installing & commissioning new VSD units for plant & equipment that requires upgrading its motor start control gear.

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